What are the common causes of lawsuits against an HOA?

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2024 | Property Owners Association Law

Most communities in Texas are managed by the Homeowners Association (HOA). The HOA plays a significant part in maintaining property value within the community and keeping harmony among the residents. However, while fulfilling their responsibilities, an HOA could face challenges that could potentially lead to lawsuits.

Legal action against an HOA could stem from varied issues with the residents. Understanding these three common reasons could help the HOA board mitigate risks and respond to the challenges accordingly.

Negligence of maintenance and repair duties

The HOA is responsible for maintaining communal areas and amenities, such as parks and pools. These areas often have heavy foot traffic, and failing to make the necessary repairs could cause accidents. Residents could sue the HOA for neglecting their duties, experiencing hazardous conditions or mismanaging funds.

Mismanagement and financial irregularities

Funds for most HOA projects and operations come from the residents’ monthly dues. When the HOA fails to present accurate financial reports, homeowners could suspect embezzlement or fraud. These allegations of mismanagement and financial irregularities could lead to serious legal action.

Discrimination claims against residents

The HOA must follow the Fair Housing Act and other anti-discriminatory laws. All HOA policies and actions must be respectful and inclusive, ensuring that no resident feels discriminated against based on race, color, disability, sex or family status.

HOAs could prevent lawsuits through transparency, open communication and adherence to their duties and responsibilities. Nonetheless, there could still be conflicts between homeowners and the HOA. When homeowners decide to sue, it is essential for the HOA to treat the case respectfully and seriously. Gathering evidence and seeking the guidance of a legal professional could help HOAs navigate the complexities of a litigation process.