About Our Sophisticated, Boutique Property Law Firm And Dedicated Attorneys

A Houston fixture in business, commercial real estate, corporate development and litigation since 2009, Porter Law Firm is the only legal partner you need. Our skilled attorneys have a history of providing quality legal advice and collaborating with you in your business ventures and investments. We understand real estate and will leverage our considerable experience to help you convert it into lucrative assets.

Our hard-working team includes experienced attorneys who can provide customized, exclusive counsel as well as a team approach when appropriate. Learn about our individual backgrounds and qualifications through the links below:

While we bring incredible depth and breadth of experience representing our clients and their legal matters, our passion is our ability to offer our clients not just legal representation, but a strategic partner committed to understanding their needs and safeguarding their assets. This is why so many of our clients return to us – they understand the benefit of a personalized, hands-on approach to representation.

From real estate to construction, tax planning, estate planning and property tax appeals, our commercial litigation firm exists to meet the needs of a wide range of clients in the Houston, Texas area, and beyond. Our mission is to grow and protect clients’ real estate portfolios by executing their plans, capitalizing on opportunities and minimizing risks associated with ownership.

To explore your legal options in your areas of concern, reach out whenever you are ready to discuss your needs with an experienced and dedicated lawyer.

Responsive, Focused And Trustworthy Attorneys

Our clients often want to avoid the bureaucratic processes that large law firms sometimes put in the way. Business owners, managers and finance officers tell us that their time is valuable, and we certainly understand and agree. Our attorneys often come to feel like part of our clients’ organizations because we invest the time and attention that is needed to understand their priorities and ways of doing things.

In any legal case involving our firm, you will most likely have one attorney dedicated to working closely with you. In this way, we build trust and efficiency in our attorney-client partnerships. At the same time, our strength in numbers allows us to quickly bring another one of our attorneys or a trusted colleague from outside the firm on board as needed. We pledge not to waste your time nor to recommend legal services that are beyond the scope of your plans, whether they involve real estate, tax and estate planning or any type of business litigation.

Let Us Hear From You And Explain What We Can Do For You

At Porter Law Firm, we know how important initial consultations are. You should not have to explain yourself over and over. We will listen carefully and provide the counsel you need at any given time. Later, if you need more guidance, we will be ready to ramp up our approach for you.

To schedule a consultation about a business or real estate issue in Texas, call 713-621-0700 or email us at your convenience.