Focusing On Property Tax, Appeals And Litigation

Strategic, skilled and experienced, our attorneys have averaged almost a 30% reduction in commercial property tax liability through our representation in disputes. Operating on a contingency and flat-rate basis, we offer our clients peace of mind knowing they will not need to pay us unless they see results in the form of tax relief.

More than tax consultants or advisors, our attorneys are well-versed in not only the complexities and nuances of property tax protests but adept at property tax litigation. Appraisal districts and their staff know we are going to present valuation disputes with a fair but formidable approach, with the ability to litigate if necessary, and therefore often present higher settlement offers at the outset of the protest.

How Our Property Tax Attorneys Improve Clients’ Outcomes When Disputes Occur

Typical property tax services include:

  • Property tax appeals
  • Hearing dismissals
  • Exemption denials
  • Omitted property
  • Appraisal corrections
  • Appraisal litigation
  • Delinquent property tax representation

At Porter Law Firm, our attorneys aggressively strive to reduce property taxes for our clients from start to finish by providing a “one-stop-shop” property tax reduction service.

Unlike property tax consultants and advisors who cannot pursue legal action and who outsource their appeals to outside counsel only to focus on quick settlements, we provide a comprehensive property tax reduction service from informal negotiations with appraisal districts to appealing at the appraisal and review board level and pursuing litigation in district court when necessary to obtain the maximum tax reduction.

We operate on a contingency and flat rate basis for our commercial clients. This means if for some reason we are not able to reduce your property taxes, you will pay us nothing. However, our attorneys are proud of the results we get for our clients’ property tax reductions. We are often called on by property tax consultants, advisors and other attorneys to litigate property tax matters when settlement negotiations are unsuccessful.

Industries Whose Property Taxation We Assist With

Appraisal district representatives know that we are not property tax consultants or advisors. Rather, we are property tax attorneys who are not afraid to pursue aggressive litigation to obtain maximum tax reductions for our clients. For that very reason, appraisal district personnel often present us with higher settlement offers at the outset of every protest.

Although we strive to settle every case, we prepare from the first day we are engaged as if each case will be fully litigated. We believe that the best settlements take place when an adversary respects the fact that we are always ready to try the case if we have to. Only then does the client receive the most favorable results.

We are knowledgeable and experienced in tax issues for properties housing a wide range of businesses and industries, including the following:

  • Oil, gas and chemical refining and processing installations
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturers, storage and venders
  • Computers, business equipment and software
  • Construction and engineering companies
  • Manufacturing, distribution, warehousing and retailing facilities
  • Electronics and tooling businesses
  • Food and beverage enterprises
  • Hospitality service facilities, senior care and senior living facilities and real estate development and management services
  • Insurance companies, public utilities
  • Medical and health care services

What type of industry do you provide land for or manage on property that you own? Let us help you find a way to reduce your property tax liability.

Property Types With Which We Have Experience

Our clients seek help with tax assessments, protests and appeals regarding properties such as the following:

  • Airport leaseholds, air rights
  • Athletic facilities, golf courses, resorts, entertainment venues and other event halls and venues such as conference centers
  • Automobile dealerships, gas stations, convenience stores, parking lots and garages
  • Bank buildings, retail stores, shopping centers and office buildings
  • Brownfields, vacant land, landfills, farmland, warehouses, factories, industrial storage and self-storage
  • Condominium buildings, residential apartment buildings, luxury residences and condos, health care facilities, senior living centers and nursing homes
  • Ground leases, leaseholds, mineral rights, pipelines and power plants
  • Real estate-owned properties (REOs)
  • Hotels, motels and truck terminals
  • Churches and religious Institutions

If your property is not listed here, please inquire anyway. Our property owners association (POA) attorneys have vast experience in this area and a track record of favorable outcomes for our clients. Our legal advantage is also your legal advantage in any legal matter involving properties of any kind.

Attorneys Known For Obtaining High Settlement Awards For Commercial Property Owners

Small businesses face numerous threats. Those threats can originate with complications in your personal life or from within your business itself. In case of a dispute, your business may suffer even if you eventually win: for example, a tax lien could severely impact your cash flow and business continuity. Let us help you find the least harmful path of relief.

Planning Exit Strategies

When a small business is launched, “exit strategy” is the furthest thing from the owner’s mind. The immediate focus is on building the business – attracting clients, generating profits, developing as a professional and assembling a team. But it pays – and pays big – to begin exit planning as soon as you know that an exit must happen.

An Efficient Approach To Preserving Your Health Care Practice And Legacy

Are doctors “bad business people?” The stereotype has some truth – many doctors even revel in this image. When physicians and dentist operate their own practices (rather than working for hospitals or clinics), they need to be proactive about their financial lives. Those who don’t do so risk their standard of living.

If you are a health care provider, we want to help you realize your potential to build wealth for yourself, continuity of your practice when you are no longer there, and/or a legacy for your children.

Reach Out For Quality Representation

Our property tax attorneys are ready to evaluate your situation and discovery ways to keep your taxation fair. We will protest a tax assessment or appeal a legal case outcome.

Call 713-621-0700 or send an email inquiry to schedule a consultation with a Houston-based property taxation lawyer.