Trustworthy Legal Counsel For Commercial And Residential Landlords And Tenants

In residential or commercial leasing transactions, there is much to gain and much to lose both for the landlord and the tenant(s). To ensure a successful leasing arrangement in or around Houston, turn to the sophisticated, boutique real estate firm known as Porter Law Firm.

Our real estate attorneys advise both intended landlords and tenants in residential and real estate property agreements. Over the years, we have facilitated more than $1 billion in real estate and business transactions for our clients. We offer the caliber of legal counsel that our investor clients expect.

Focusing On Our Clients’ Success

In leasing deals, our clients, whether they will be landlords or tenants, rely on us to ensure that their legal bases are covered. Our attorneys build long-term relationships with clients, who return to us year after year for additional counsel as needed.

Our clients lease office buildings, medical care facilities, industrial properties, warehouses, retail outlets and open land with development plans on the horizon. In all, clients of Porter Law Firm have leased millions of square feet of commercial space in the Houston metro area and beyond.

Our lawyers are efficient and transparent. Clients appreciate the way we aim to help them make deals, not break them. To that end, we work hard to protect our clients’ interests as they negotiate and formalize leases.

Ask For Help

We can guide you confidently through lease negotiations, modifications of commercial leases, lease space expansions and other adjustments. If you are a commercial or residential tenant who wishes to relinquish a lease, we will review all details to ensure that you will not be held responsible for property damage allegations down the road.

Are you a landlord who needs to file a lien against a property? Are you a tenant who wishes to protest a lease termination? Our lawyers are ready to protect your interests in these and other lease transactions.

Call Or Send A Message

Request a consultation regarding any residential or commercial lease issues. We welcome developers, homeowners associations, property owner associations and financial institutions that may be providing commercial loans to would-be tenants.

To reach our Houston real estate leasing law office, call 713-621-0700 or send an email inquiry.