Houston Attorneys Advising Buyers And Sellers Of Real Estate

Purchasing residential and commercial properties or offering them for sale are often the largest transaction the investors or buyers will ever make. It is essential to work with a trustworthy real estate attorney, especially for extra-large deals.

At Porter Law Firm, our lawyers are known as sophisticated and successful. They have facilitated more than $1 billion in transactions for clients over the years. Our team is proven effective and sought-after by parties to large real estate transactions in and around Houston. For your peace of mind, work with our real estate attorneys to complete your buy-sell transaction with confidence.

Services That We Provide For Our Clients

Our clients who are preparing to buy, sell or facilitate buy-sell transactions for any type of real estate include investors, individual property owners, investment groups and mortgage lenders. Our lawyers explain complex processes in plain English to prepare our clients to complete their buy-sell arrangements for commercial or residential properties.

Sometimes, our lawyers help clients complete conveyances for which there is no sale to complete. Inherited property often falls in this category. Older property owners sometimes want to convey ownership of properties in writing for their children or business partners. Purchases and sales of real properties require these and other steps:

  • The seller must describe the property precisely.
  • The buyer will want an attorney to conduct a title search to determine whether there are liens or other hindrances to a smooth transaction.
  • If a commercial property is the focus of the deal, an attorney should search for necessary licenses and other complications that could derail the transaction.
  • The seller must specify the buyer’s right to inspection before the closing.
  • The closing date and requirements should be clear.
  • A real estate lawyer should review the purchase-sale documents to detect any ambiguous language or problematic clauses.

In an exploratory initial consultation, we will narrow down your primary areas of concern. At the same time, we will make sure you understand and follow legal requirements for the purchase or sale of real estate in Texas.

Contact Us To Discuss Your Property Purchase Or Sale Plans

Much is at stake as you prepare to buy or sell a piece of property or a large number of properties in a residential or commercial development project. Our real estate lawyers in Houston can help ensure that you understand what you are agreeing to. We will also walk you through the necessary steps to close your purchase or sale transactions.

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