Bring Your Development Plans To Fruition

Preparing to make a residential or commercial property development become reality is an exciting endeavor for investors, builders and other stakeholders. Carrying out the development plans also involves many risks. Legal counsel is essential.

Our real estate development attorneys in Houston are known as sophisticated and successful among past clients and lenders. We have guided clients through more than $1 billion in real estate transactions, including development deals. Our lawyers are proven effective and sought-after because of their strong track record.

Nimble, Responsive And Dedicated Development Law Attorneys

No matter what type of development you will undertake, we are eager to earn your respect. Past clients say that our attorneys are bold and efficient when advising on commercial and residential real estate transactions and development projects.

We can help you actualize your plans to build a shopping center, office building, industrial park, oil and gas refinery, multiuse development or apartment complex with all legal requirements well aligned. Your development plans may start with vacant land or you may intend to improve an existing property. We will assist with drafting contracts, restrictive covenants and declarations of covenants. We will also help you review and manage elements including:

  • Market and economic factors
  • Regulatory and environmental law requirements
  • Completion strategies for all phases of your real estate development project, including legal aspects of your construction plans
  • Purchase, sale or lease contracts for new purchasers and tenants
  • Acquisition of land with attention to water rights, mineral rights and toxic cleanup requirements
  • Contract creation and negotiation with your builders and other personnel
  • Obtaining permits and verifying zoning
  • Liens and licenses

We want to hear from you regarding your development project, whether you are a builder, investor, future commercial tenant or property owner. We will help you maximize your opportunities and mitigate risks at every step.

Let’s Discuss Your Property Development Plans

Our real estate lawyers are ready to help you start, accelerate or modify your development project in Houston or elsewhere.

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