Law Counsel For All Aspects Of Real Estate

Just like you, we are results-oriented when it comes to real estate. The goal is to make smart, profitable investments and transactions which is why we offer a holistic approach to real estate law, providing seamless legal solutions, litigation expertise and highly effective real estate investment and market guidance.

With a clear vision for the market – and your goals – we anticipate trends, foresee and solve problems. Our attorneys use our deep knowledge, experience and intuition to protect our clients and help them prosper.

Our clients include buyers, sellers, investors, lenders, realtors, title companies, developers, contractors and others in real estate applications.

Examples Of Our Clients’ Real Estate Legal Concerns

Some of the typical matters we have handled in the local Houston market and beyond include:

  • Acquisition of residential and commercial real estate through inheritances, purchase and gifting
  • Development of residential and commercial properties, including conversions and mergers
  • Litigation and other forms of dispute resolution, such as negotiations, arbitration or mediation
  • Title and survey concerns, including liens and quiet title actions
  • Leasing contracts, negotiation and landlord-tenant dispute resolution
  • Business properties, including industrial, retail and office buildings and land
  • Environmental compliance, including brown property cleanup.
  • Zoning petitions and appeals
  • Land use disputes and redevelopment

Our attorneys are engaged in a full range of real estate matters from straightforward contracts and closings to complex, multijurisdictional commercial transactions. Our clients include owners, property managers, developers, lenders, title companies and others. They seek assistance with many types of business properties such as office buildings, apartment complexes, shopping centers, industrial facilities and owner-occupied home businesses. Our firm’s transactions total more than $1 billion in aggregate.

In addition to handling all your transactional real estate needs, attorneys at Porter Law Firm are prepared to handle your real estate disputes. Our attorneys are equipped to help our clients protect their rights in ownership disputes, breach of contract matters and more.

We Regularly Advise Clients In A Wide Range Of Real Estate Law Issues

We live and breathe real estate. From protecting and growing your wealth as your legal guidance to partnering with you first-hand in business opportunities, we have a proven track record. We can help you turn real estate into profitable assets for your business or personal legacy. We will assist with straightforward and complex business document preparation and dispute resolution of any variety.

What Is Unique About Our Firm And How We Can Customize Solutions For You

Our attorneys are sought-after and known for being sophisticated and successful. Let us evaluate your case and direct you toward success.

Call 713-621-0700 or email us to schedule a consultation regarding any real estate law issue.