Houston Attorneys Advising On Lending And Finance For Real Estate Transactions

Various news outlets have been telling us that cash transactions for real estate purchases are on the rise. This is apparently a function of well-off investors, many of whom buy homes to flip and invest in commercial properties to make profits through leasing.

Despite the increase in cash purchases and sales of homes and commercial properties in Houston in the recent past, a great many individuals and businesses still require financing to seal deals. At Porter Law Firm, our sophisticated, accomplished attorneys have helped clients complete more than $1 billion in transactions over the years. We are ready to help you or your company complete the necessary steps for obtaining financing for your real estate purchase in Houston or nearby.

What People Say About Our Real Estate Attorneys

Past clients have called our lawyers proven, trustworthy and nimble. Because of our strong reputation in real estate lending, purchase, sales and lease transactions, our firm is sought-after by people who prefer a boutique firm experience.

Every client at Porter Law Firm receives personalized service designed to help them fulfill their objectives, including obtaining real estate financing. If you qualify for a loan, we will help you through the process of obtaining one. If you are selling property and want to ensure that an aspiring buyer will likely succeed in getting a loan, we can help you find out.

What Past Clients Have Said About Our Attorneys

Private buyers and investors who have worked with Porter Law Firm have called our lawyers honest, dedicated and sometimes prophetic in their ability to forecast whether a deal will go through successfully. At Porter Law Firm, our real estate lawyers counsel and represent investors, borrowers and lenders.

If we work with you to help you obtain a mortgage or commercial property loan, we will counsel you on all necessary aspects, including

  • Risk assessment
  • Review of corporate and commercial lending requirements, if pertinent
  • Review of letters of credit from buyers who are interested in the property or properties that you want to sell
  • Clarification of financing structuring and terms
  • Controlling costs so that you do not get stuck with a larger loan than what you can handle

We are a multidisciplinary business and corporate law group in addition to operating a real estate firm. Our attorneys can help you navigate joint ventures involved in real estate purchases. We work with borrowers and lending institutions throughout Texas. As necessary, we can assist with property loans for international clients, as well as domestic ones. We can also advise you on taxation, environmental regulations and other essential aspects of the deal you wish to enter into.

Ask us about loans for properties containing oil and gas reserves as well as any type of retail or industrial property. For counsel regarding a traditional home mortgage or a development and construction loan, contact us at our Houston office.

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Turn to Porter Law Firm for information, legal advice and guidance through any real estate deal involving lending.

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